Suitcase EP

by Abhi The Nomad



First EP release from Abhi The Nomad


released June 15, 2014

vocals, production, recording, mixing + mastering by Abhi S.V.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Burn After Reading
Verse 1:

I'm on some other planets / ride low something slamming / backout with a backhand pimping slapping granite / earth / that I can manage / rock sediment hard / nurture a couple of crops / fertile with flora, fauna / burry the dirt / further a couple drops / And then I riptide water sort of waves / soaring / pouring rain / morning dew / dwelling in the caves / swelling deep / waves crash / days pass and time stays still / time stays still


messages that you could burn after reading / then burn after burning the readings like flying with particles spinning in galaxy / half of me missing the other is present / no reason /


Wise as word to man
Sly as earth and sand /
Track Name: India House
Cool yeah cool yeah super super super sick / super hero with this shit / say I'm super super rich or chicks or vixens / this ends here / why simple raps seem super sick stupid ish / pish posh / keep it clean / dishwash with the jig / big things big crowds / big cock / I kid / I is / human average no cape / black hair black eyes carpet like drapes / nowadays mindstate opaque / old faces go in and out croquet / drunk of Bombay / white people Bombay isn't where I'm from are you from Texas / crime rate might dip but I stay fit sit ups my shit / This song don't mean nothing / but it makse you think real blue like you was cript / uh

I see the sounds / materialize / it came from nothing / to my surprise / two eyes combined / and then the last / me and my generation running from the past /

Funky ass bullshit / monkey vest / on / fools thinking they bullets hit / / tosh.0 or prolly / key and peele / white girls sniff that Molly / yeah I got the pizazz / you heard of his ass / I get to trip ass and take a pick at / anybody That a kiss ass / a mishap but his ass is happening / they should make an iPhone app of it / easy west to south of indie / no I don't speak no Hindi / simply / pour a few more / tipsy / curfew or pursue nice mami once more / coors light sipping four lips / might forfeit / or in getting cork off my boxed wine / see unnecessary / this don't mean shit it's necessary
Track Name: Piece of Pie
Verse 1:

I really hope that I get paid /

Itd be so nice to have some money

I'm eating pieces of shit for a day
Or two / or three / or a couple weeks or months / or years

I think I'm done /

Wish I could earn up and buy me some clothes

Fresh from the head to the toe

Got the old denim I wore

Not that I'm buying no more

I just can't afford this / why I would I record this /

It's hard being broke in a world where ya worth in weighed in gold / I'm weighing low / and nobody will ever give me my paychecks / why?


I'd be laughing to the bank

Thank you mom and dad

I been tryna buy these pants

This economy is bad

We been trippin getting by / thinking why / lifted sippin lies / hippie skipping time / gifted minds / get that piece of pie /

I be saving up for lunch

4 bucks Mickey Ds

Jack / jr. / lil cease / good eating / bad cheese / bad stomach / thats rub the tummy / fat eating rubbish / that's getting tubby fast / gifted minds / get that piece of ass

Verse 2:

I wanna see you move / out / this rent can suck my dick / and I don't need no high maintenance chick / my expense ain't worth those tits / and my expenditure is shit / so beat it / please don't go /

My problems don't matter to people that starving to death / but sometimes i can't just can't figure out why I be paying my tuition till I'm in debt / and I still marvel at planets and then I forget / sometimes I just lose my breathe / then I remember why I even came to this place and inside of my head it makes sense /

Mind fuck /

or call it a brain freeze / from the 1 dollar slushie at the gas station my main squeeze / I biked there / no car yet / smoke shit from carpets / You far fetched / and I hear sluts from the OC / have gnar sex / for freeeeeee / that's amazing / I'm cheap / like an Asian

I ain't no racist / you a racist / is only racist if you say is / so pay up / I'm a rapper pay up /
Track Name: Peace and Bye (Outro)
Hands up because I asked for
Think I had a crash course
Think I learned it last week

And I'm ahead by that more
for that hyphy rap tour
Not a wifey rav4

Why don't we pop some tabs
or that Maui ash more
so that we could laugh more

We could hit the asphalt
We could get to asshaul
out this wasteland, leggo!